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A barn/workshop in the country...

atelier sous la neige


Atelier intérieur

atelier 4


The glass is transformed by thermal compression moulding in an oven (1300-1650°F). The moulds are made of various heat-resistant materials (fibres, metal, sand). Sticking of glass under heat, or from cold. Nowadays, preference is given to single-block pieces.


Window glass, old mirrors, small bottles of all shapes and colours, Corning optical glass, glass sticks, crystal bars, glass plates from medical scanners... Powdered, crushed or intact - all types of glass are experimented with.


- One little fusing oven
- One 3.28 x 1.64 ft oven
- One diamond-tipped saw
- One lapidary
- One grinder
- One hand grinder

Limited by the size of the first oven, I acquired a larger one (42cm useful height). I am thinking of buying a third one more suited to the techniques I have developed since. Of course, the oven restricts the size of single-block pieces, and it can sometimes be frustrating not to have a few more inches at one's disposal to obtain the desired proportions. Until then, small will have to do !