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solo exhibition Intra murosRossella Junck gallery - Germany

Personal exhibition of eight sculptures for the opening of the new Rossella Junck gallery in Berlin.


Exhibited pieces :

Platform 3
Intra muros VII
Abyssal zone
Three point three metres (3,3 m)
Intra Muros VIII
The secret
If you don't know where you came from, look where you're going

8 pièces


Galerie Rossella Junck : Auguststraße 28 / 10117 Berlin

Acquisitions :

The Intra Muros VII piece was purchased by the Museum of Decorative Arts in Berlin (Kunstgewerbemuseum).

Intra Muros IV

Photography :

The glass exhibition featured photographs by Sharon Stepman on the theme of the Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy.


jardins de Boboli